Have You Ever Danced With the Devil In the Pale Moonlight?

The moon is gorgeous tonight. My street has no street lights, which I prefer, feel safer in the cover of dark rather than highlighted as a target where I’m seen, but I myself can’t see anything past the light provided by the street light. The moonlight casts lavender light in the backyard. Love it.

Today was a gorgeous day for a drive to Snoqualmie to eat at Twede’s Cafe where they filmed parts of that TV show Twin Peaks. Took a friend there for his birthday since he likes Lynch. We discovered that the place basically burned down back in 2000 due to arson. Not cool. They rebuilt though. Not with any of the original camp of the place, sad to say. Good pie though.

Something outside is chirping like crazy. Bats … do bats chirp? I’ve heard them all week and they remind me of this great park at Lake Fenwick, a good place for midnight walks. At dusk, you walk across the bridge from one side to the other and bats swoop down a little too close for comfort. Kinda neat.

I finally watched True Romance, a movie I’ve been meaning to watch for a long time. Loved most of it, like Patricia Arquette’s character being one tough cookie. And, Gary Oldman. The man is great! I want to rewatch it just for his performance. His bad guy characters rock.

There’s a late night movie on and this guy is driving through Cleveland by the looks of the sign. Reminds me of someone.

Have to get up early in the morning to go work on a mural before work. I can’t wait to be painting. To bed I go … ♦

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