I Am Happy to Say …

I am happy to say I feel much better, nothing ruined, I hope. I love that a little time can bring better perspective.

Tomorrow night should be fun! Some friends from school want to collaborate on a project, some paintings, in order to keep us focused and productive during the whole career transition thing. I’m so unprepared, though. Thought we were getting together over the weekend, but one of the guys is off to California come Saturday. I haven’t done my part yet. I haven’t brainstormed any ideas! They will come. They always do.

Life is good. I love it. Yet, I’m anxious, and a little tired of this whole making the “proper adult choices” thing. I want spontaneity back, for one. Will this path I’ve begun down lead to freedom? Freedom to be all that I am, and to share it all that I want. I wanna break out, go crazy, leave, follow the wind, make a mistake. Live with it. I want what I want and I want it now. No more patience, no more tempered response, feed me, fill me, leave me whole. I don’t know what I’m saying, just what I’m feeling. Hold tight, stay strong, I’ll press through, and be on the other side soon, a better me. ♦

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