And We Got A New Espresso Machine, Too!

Whoo-hoo! So, I’m sitting here at my desk at work and in walks this cute little old man, slightly hunched over wearing blue snake-skin cowboy boots and he’s got these great gold sunglasses on and a white butterfly-collared shirt with rhinestones on it … wait a minute … he’s an Elvis impersonator! Sideburns, and obviously silver-white hair dyed jet black. This man rules. Kerchief around his neck. This in fact may be the real Elvis, given his age … he bought a newspaper.

This weekend was the big move! My sister and I have this wonderful 3-bedroom apartment together now. Hooray! Each day feels like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one as I unpack all the new stuff we got. Am busily painting every room, too. No white walls for me! I felt so loved with all of the help my friends and family offered all day long and on into the night even. Finally got to have people from school and work meet people from church and life and family. All together at once. Neato! Am sooo having a house party!

Metal hearts strewn across the path so that I step on a heart each time I go to leave

One of the best details of our new place is the pathway along the outside of the apartment has the alphabet painted in large letters, one letter for about every 3-4 ft, or so. Inlaid along each letter in the cement are all these cast-iron shapes. Skeleton keys, Classic Coke bottles, butterflies, spiders, gardening tools, cranes, owls, and so on. All items I love for a host of reasons, the owls being for my grandpa, his favorite (yay!). I find it amusing that as I walk to where I park, I walk across the “H”, which has a variety of metal hearts strewn across the path so that I step on a heart each time I go to leave. Maybe I’ll start crossing over the “G” instead …

Someone ripped the “cherries” antenna ball off my car. Rude! My sister bought me that when we were on vacation in California a few years back. Now there’s one little red ball left. Basically, a clown nose. So, it will now stand as an ode to Pennywise, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, and the clown with the brain aneurism in Billy Madison. Note to self: Re-watch Billy Madison!

“Tiff.” Nifty little word for a fight. Makes the fight sound insignificant and small. Removes some of the responsibility of the fight, too, I’m thinking. Yeah, had two of those nasty little things this weekend. One with the mother and one with Bean. Over before they started. Still, not fun. Note 2 to self: Don’t call people cows. It’s not nice.

I can’t get enough of the song Stars by the Cranberries. If I could crawl up inside that song and live for a little while, I would. Must own CD! Well, off work at last, and onto the night’s fun! ♦

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